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The Official Site of Reazuddin Al-Mamoon, Chairman, Epyllion Group

Entrepreneur. Business Icon. Philantropist.

Reaz Uddin Al-Mamoon is the Chairman of Epyllion Group, and built the company ground up to be one of the most renowned Textile & Garments Manufacturing Companies in Bangladesh, winning multiple National and International Awards for Business Growth, Work Ethic, Sustainability and Commitment to Employees and CSR.

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My Work with "Human Spirit"

An entrepreneur’s success story can be very dramatic and full of unexpected changes. I began with a very small enterprise and am still working on making my Businesses bigger every day.

Join me as I share my Journey with Epyllion, share new Ideas, Thoughts and Projects that excite me to do new things even after over three decades of work in the industry,

My Daily Notes & Inspirations

Read my daily Notes, Interviews, Thoughts and Ideas from interactions with people in the Industry.
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My Ideas & Inspirations

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I had the pleasure of Sharing what I learn with Media, People and Influencers from around the Country.